Kind Words

"Leigh is a high energy personality that brings deep thinking and fun to any endeavor."
— Thaddeus Owen, Engineering Manager, HermanMiller

"Leigh Marz is the most fantastic facilitator. She makes everyone feel loved and appreciated and brings out the best of all. Leigh sees people, listens to them, and helps them find purpose, direction and solutions to their problems. Our Institute has worked with Leigh for nearly a decade and she has made a huge contribution to our objective of reducing Toxics for a healthier world. She has helped transform our work by listening to and caring for every individual and helping mix each person’s best ideas into a successful whole. Leigh is warm, fun, and innovative and the best facilitator and coach with whom one could ever hope to work."
— Arlene Blum, Founder and Executive Director of Green Science Policy Institute and convenor of Six Classes, a cross-sector coalition to reduce toxic chemicals in our homes and environment

"When it comes to team facilitation, Leigh is the one of the best I have worked with. Her calm, systematic methodology brings out deep insights that enables progress on profound challenges. To have her on your team is to significantly increase your odds of success."
— Dr. Robert Peoples, former head of the ACS Green Chemistry Institute (Washington, D.C.)

"Leigh skillfully led multiple partners through a process to move us from divergent plans to a common agenda for collective impact."
— Gina Ciganik, CEO, Healthy Building Network

"I’ve been to numerous retreats facilitated by Leigh, but I remember one in particular. It was the last evening of the workshop and we were supposed to be working out the next action steps for the issue we were working on—in this case, actions to stop further exposures to the class of chemicals known as PFAS. Leigh asked us all to take a deep breath, sit quietly, and to spend a few minutes imagining what we could do in our wildest dreams. The room got very peaceful and then a thought popped into my mind: we knew plenty about these chemicals—they are extremely harmful to the planet —and I should be working on a global phase-out of PFAS. So that became what I jokingly and lovingly call my “retirement” project."
— Gretta Goldenman, Founder, Milieu

"Leigh structured her work with us so that our team could listen to one another and I could be guided by them. Her facilitation resulted in a clarity of purpose and approach that has stood the test of time. The concepts we explored with her shapes our work years later."
— Meredith Williams, Director, Department of Toxic Substances Control, California Environmental Protection Agency

"I can heartily recommend Leigh to any ambitious collaboration of human beings. Our organization, collectively and as individuals, cherished her Leigh’s wisdom, her perceptive guidance, and her masterful use of time and space."
— Brandon R. Brown, Physicist and Professor, University of San Francisco and Deputy Director, Green Science Policy Institute

"Leigh is extremely generous in spirit backed with world class professional facilitation skills to move a group towards alignment and agreed outputs. She is truly a joy to work with and comes prepared to roll up her sleeves and dig in with whatever the task may be."
— Stephen Badger, Director, Mars, Inc.

“Leigh’s brilliant facilitation served as a North Star for our documentary feature, helping transform the project into a living, breathing cinematic experience, fully rooted in the power of human connection.”
— Farhoud Meybodi, award-winning filmmaker

"Refining my workshop design with Leigh Marz both super-charged and expanded the offering I was creating. With most creative partners, 1 + 1 = 2, maybe 3, but with Leigh, it felt like 1 + 1 = 5! The collaboration took us in new directions I had not imagined, and the results were fresh and timeless. The entire experience was fun, expansive, and joyful. I highly recommend adding her as your creative partner."
— Anonymous psychedelic guide