When you’re mission-driven, chances are your people will need to collaborate and communicate within a larger “ecosystem.” Sister organizations. Funders. Public/private ventures. And perhaps even an “unlikely partnership” …where the only common ground is a single objective.

The opportunity:
Progressive legislation mandates a new way of making decisions. Foundations require greater collaboration between organizations, more than ever before. Forward-thinking leaders create long-term partnerships.

The challenge:

  • Where do we start? (Or: can we start over?)
  • Who decides?
  • How can we balance being inclusive with getting things done?

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Today’s organizational leaders are under unprecedented pressure to deliver. Maybe you’ve already weathered massive change… with more on the horizon. Leadership transitions. Rapid growth. Global expansion. A fresh-minted Board of Directors.

The opportunity:
A founder leaves. The leadership team is new. There’s a huge shift in the organization. Our funders are asking more of us. We’re growing.

The challenge:

  • How can we preserve who we are, while keeping pace with growth?
  • How can we make the most of this transition?
  • Are we headed in the right direction? How can we tell?

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These days, most teams are doing more with less. Taking a “business as usual” approach risks wearing everyone thin. Expanded scopes of work. Role confusion. “Silos” between departments. “Death by meetings.” Wasted time. Duplication of efforts. Morale that’s on the decline.

The opportunity:
We aren’t communicating well with one another. It’s a new working group. International collaboration. Virtual teams. Work’s not getting done. Frustration. This isn’t how we want to work together.

The challenge:

  • What’s not being said?
  • How do we communicate with each other?
  • How can we be more proactive?

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When you’re leading in the public benefit sector, working with a coach can help you evolve as a manager, problem-solver, and visionary. Leigh works one-on-one with leaders to identify and hone their unique strengths, vision and capabilities, including:
  • Stepping into new leadership roles
  • Taking action (especially when it’s tough or unpopular)
  • Reconnecting with YOUR mission, vision, and values
  • Thoughtful career transitions and successions in leadership
  • Handling tough situations with wisdom and grace
  • Building creativity and capacity as a leader and team member

Coaching programs are fully customized, practical, and action-oriented.

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Our engagement with you and your working group is fully customized to meet the needs and goals of your situation. Read more about our team-based, results-driven facilitation, process, and tools.

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