Phase 1: Commit and define.
In the face of change, being proactive requires commitment. Marz Consulting partners with your working group in initial meetings to clarify what’s at stake, and come up with a “point of entry” that’s a fit.

Typically, our seasoned consultants work in pairs. This creates a more collaborative, creative, and well-rounded outcome.

So once we’ve defined the challenge, Marz Consulting selects an expert co-lead for the project. From former government insiders and hot-shot ex-Executives, to world-class trainers and facilitators, to data-collecting and analyzing mavens, you have a handpicked network of thought partners, at your service.

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Phase 2: Assess and analyze.
We use a range of tools to gauge your situation. From casual surveys for a “temperature check” on the prevailing attitudes and complaints within your organization… to rigorous 360s and team assessments… to cutting-edge internet forums that focus the collective brain of your network on topics that matter most.

The assessment tool gives us all insight into what’s really going on.

When we present the data to your group, it’s really only the beginning. Typically, we facilitate a meeting or retreat to help your working group (or key members) make meaning from what’s presented. And when that’s done, it’s time to…


Phase 3: Set the course.
With data in hand, we guide your working group to identify a new course of action. We partner with your team, organization, or coalition to design strategies for achieving your mission. Together, we identify milestones and performance metrics to help your group assess how the plan is working as you move forward.

For specific examples, read the case studies


Phase 4: Take new action.
As your working group puts its plan into action, we’re right there with you. We work with you to “phase in” changes over time. To help your group celebrate what’s working and problem-solve, we facilitate key meetings and retreats. At this phase, our goal is to support your working group as it internalizes a new way of interacting, collaborating, and delivering.


Phase 5: Review, replicate, and complete.
In the last phase, we review your original goals. Have you met them? How have they shifted or changed? What other milestones would you like to reach? How will you monitor your progress without us there?

Once your working group is successful, there’s often a desire to share your process with another working group (or department within an organization). Many of our clients become mentors and stewards of what they’ve learned. In this case key questions include: What did we learn and what would we do differently in the future? What other factors might require approaching this engagement differently?

When the work is complete, we encourage you to rejoice in a job well done.

After our initial engagement, we remain a resource to you. Call on us for “tune-ups” as needed. Marz Consulting takes the “commit” of Phase 1 seriously. We’re honored to support your mission for years to come.

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